HIIT: The most efficient workout for your time

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October 16, 2018
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October 16, 2018

HIIT: The most efficient workout for your time

We all know the gym regulars who do the same routine every time they show up to work out. An hour on the elliptical, followed by crunches, with some of the same maneuvers on the bike to finish off. There’s a reason why these type of gym goers never exhibit drastic physical changes across numerous sessions, even into the years-long scale of time.

Their body has grown accustomed to the repetition of the movements they do, and often the gym-goer is afraid to push outside their comfort zone, whether they want to avoid pain or perhaps possibility of embarrassment at not looking like they know what they’re doing. This happens all the time, and we need to let go of this self-conscious behavior in the gym. When you clock in, you’re there to work and make progress. The gym is for sweating, not for looking flattering. You should work out the hardest you can so that outside of the gym you feel flattered!

This brings us to the point of this blog post- if you want the most bang for your buck aka time spent, get into HIIT workouts. Stop mindlessly repeating an hour on the treadmill and challenge the body, confusing your muscle groups and forcing yourself to really work- coordination, cardiovascular, and otherwise. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The concept rests upon enacting short, sharp bursts of physically strenuous maneuvers such as burpees, jumping squats, bear crawls, and knee tucks, all in turn and with little or no rest in between each move.

The idea is to shock the body with lots of work in less amounts of time, which sparks the heart rate far higher than constant, slow repetition of any other movement. The best thing about HIIT is you can find workouts all over the place, whether asking your trainer or trying to go solo and looking it up for free online. If searching on YouTube or Instagram for fitness accounts, be aware that you exercise and try the moves at your own risk.

It’s far safer to learn and perform HIIT sessions in a instructor-led class or with a certified trainer to ensure you avoid injury. Improper technique can have lasting impact and ultimately prevent you from reaching your goals. With that, we encourage you to get off the elliptical, embrace real exhaustion, and HIIT it!

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